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Does this sound like your email newsletters?

"My list isn't growing"

Ugh. I’ve tried everything. Why don’t they subscribe?

"The technical stuff is confusing."

Ugh. It all seems so complicated to setup.

"I don't know how to make money with email"

I’m building a list but not sure how to monetize.

If yes…this exclusive email training is for you.

Introducing Email on Autopilot

What to Expect from this Course

In this exclusive training, I will teach you three secrets that will change your email newsletter forever.

After completing our course, you will know how to:

  • SECRET #1: Get more email subscribers
  • SECRET #2: Put your email on autopilot (and your subscribers will love it)
  • SECRET #3: Send broadcast emails that make money

I Love Helping You GROW Your Email List

Hi, I'm Matt Molen and I love helping you WIN at email.

While Chief Marketing Officer for one of the fastest growing companies in the US, I learned the power that email has for small businesses, bloggers, influencers, and content creators.

As a bootstrapped company with virtually no marketing budget, we grew our company quickly...through the power of email. I know how powerful a great email strategy can be.

I have helped hundreds to completely transform their businesses with the email marketing secrets I share in this course.

Ready to learn Matt's system?

At Last…an Email Growth Strategy that Works!

No idea how to grow or what to send to your email newsletter?

What to Send

Wonder what to send? My suggestions help you create SUPERFANS with each email.

How to Write It

Great email content is easier than you think. I’ll show you how to write AMAZING emails.

Strategy Puts You in Control

Finally…take charge of your newsletter and make it work for you!


Course Content

  • 20 Videos
  • 5 In-Depth Modules
  • Resource Library
  • Swipe Files & Templates
This Month’s Bonuses

  • BONUS MODULE: How to Write Great Emails
  • BONUS MODULE: How to Identify Your Target Reader
  • BONUS MODULE: GDPR & How it Fits with Email On Autopilot
  • VIP Membership to Private Facebook Group
  • Free 30 Days of ConvertKit (new customers only)



My System = Your Transformation

  • What Most Don't Understand about Email

    Everything you believe about email newsletters is wrong…and why that’s a good thing!

  • How to Move a Blog Visitor from "Transaction" to "Superfan!"

    Most of your site visitors visit your site in “Transaction Mode.” Here’s how to convert them to “Superfans.”

  • Stop Reinventing the Wheel with Every Newsletter

    Instead coming up with new content for email newsletters all the time, you can do this instead.


The Best Hook to Attract Your Perfect Audience…FAST

  • Why Most Email Hooks Don't Work

    The two drawbacks of most email hooks.

  • My Unique Email Hook that Works

    A proven technique you can build fast.

  • How to Attract the PERFECT Reader

    Anyone can build an email list. I’ll show you how to build a big list full of your target reader.


How to Put Your Email Newsletter on Autopilot
…and Your Readers Will LOVE It

Girl on keyboard
  • This Idea is Simple...But Nobody Does It!

    This technique is pure gold.

  • Don't Write New Content

    You don’t have to write new content for your email newsletter. I’ll show you what to do instead.

  • How to Set It Up

    My step-by-step guide will show you how to set it all up. No more fear of the tech!


The RIGHT Way to Send Broadcast Emails

  • The Right Email Schedule

    How often should you email your readers?

  • How to Ensure You're Not "Spamming" Your Readers

    Protect your reader’s inbox. Here’s how.

  • How to Write a Great Subject Line

    Use my “go-to” formula for creating a subject line that gets results.


How to Keep Growing Your List

  • Smart Ways to Promote Your List

    How to boost your number of new subscribers.

  • What About Pop-ups?

    Are pop-ups evil? I teach you what you need to know about this email capturing technique.

  • 6 More Email Hooks that Work

    Modern techniques for attracting new subscribers. (With plenty of examples.)



How to Write Great Emails

My proven SECRETS to writing emails that get opened, get clicked, and get RESULTS.

crumbled up paper and notepad


How to Identify Your Target Reader

Who is your MOST IMPORTANT audience?
Use my easy steps to become more focused…and ultimately more influential.


What is the GDPR? And How to Deal with It?

I explain the GDPR in simple terms, and how it could impact YOU. Then I share what I’m doing about the GDPR for my email newsletters.

GDPR and How to Deal with it

Email on Autopilot Private Facebook Group

Each Email on Autopilot participant receives VIP access to an private Facebook group where you can:

  • Share ideas & ask questions
  • Watch Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Receive feedback & individual help
  • Get bonus course content
  • Enjoy encouragement & cheerleading


Free 30-Days of ConvertKit

Discover why ConvertKit is the best platform for email newsletter automation today.
(For new ConvertKit customers only.)

Follow my proven steps to TRANSFORM your email results forever.

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Making the Automation Easy

The technical stuff isn’t scary any more!

Step by Step Guides

Simple videos that walk you through the technical stuff

Proven Techniques

I’ll share the tricks I’ve used personally and in my coaching

Cheat Sheets & Tools

Download PDFs & printables to refer to whenever you need

You May Be Asking…

No. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to always invent new content for your list. I’ll show you how to repurpose your existing articles. Your best stuff. And…your readers will love it.

How it Works

Videos & Tutorials

Step-by-step training videos

Community & Ideas

Interact with others to ask questions, give support, and share what works.

Coaching & Answers

Via Facebook & email, I will personally answer all your questions.


“I grew my list from 30,000 subscribers to over 300,000!”

“Added over 10,000 new subscribers in 3 weeks”

This course is invaluable! All the things I never thought of, brought into sharp focus and made realistic.

And done in a fun, easy, and understandable format. My newsletter list has gained over 10,000 new followers in 3 short weeks.Carolyn Ketchum, All Day I Dream About Food

“I doubled my email list in less than 6 weeks!”

Matt helped me figure out my target audience, implement an actual game plan for growing subscribers, taught me how to write more appealing emails, showed me how to embed forms, and overall taught me great strategies for growing my email list.Kristyn Merkley, Lil Luna

“This changed my entire business!”

In the past four months, my overall traffic has increased by 83%, I’ve gained much more clarity about how to connect with my audience, which has led to growth and better engagement.

I feel like I now control my newsletter and that it’s a tool that I can use as I want without being at the whim of a platform algorithm.

I have more energy and excitement about my business than I have in years.

And oh yeah, I’ve more than doubled my email subscribers! Janssen Bradshaw, Everyday Reading

“The only regret I have is not starting sooner…”

I recommend Matt for any and ALL business owners. The one regret I have in my business is not starting my email list on day 1.

I wish I had this course from the beginning but am glad I found it when I did. It is a total game changer! Since signing up we’ve continued to see growth, month after month!Jamielyn Nye, I Heart Naptime

“Cuts through the fluff and gives you actionable tips that work quickly.”

Before I took this course, I was actively growing my list. I felt like I was just collecting subscribers and not sending relevant content to them. I spent so much time trying to write long-winded emails packed with as much content as possible…it was overwhelming!

When I started with Matt’s course, I decided to focus on my segment with the most earning potential. Instead of doing an email course that had 1000+ words in each email (that gave no reason for a person to actually click over to my site!), I followed Matt’s system. In just about an hour, I had my first quick start guide ready to go.

The results have blown me away. Within the first week of launching, I gained 1000 new subscribers for that segment. In addition to this, I decided to take those long emails I had been writing and turn them into a paid course – I launched the course to that list, and I have made around $1000 from it in just a few days.

I have a long way to go before everything is automated, but I’ve definitely been set on the right foot with Matt’s course. His ideas are simple, but he presented a perspective I didn’t think of before. I now have a strategy that will quickly introduce readers to more content on my blog and to gain their trust.

I have taken several courses about newsletters, and this is the first one that cuts through the fluff and gives you actionable tips that work quickly. I will definitely be using this method and recommending Matt’s course to everyone and anyone in the future!
Katie Clark, Clarks Condensed


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Email on Autopilot is 100% RISK FREE.

Even if there’s a just a slight chance Email on Autopilot can work for you, you should enroll today.

Here’s why…

If you feel like you didn’t get get your money’s worth from the course, email me anytime during your first 30 days. Just you show me you followed the steps outlined in the course, and I’ll be happy to refund you fully.

But when it works…your email will never be the same.

Just look:

You’ll have a FASTER growing list, you’ll have MORE subscribers opening and clicking your emails, and you’ll have an AUTOMATED system that will run it for you…like magic.

So, give it a try.
Try the course and see for yourself. With my risk-free 30-day guarantee, you can rest easy.

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