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Does this sound like your email newsletters?

"I have no idea where to start."

Oh no...not one more thing to try to figure out!

"My list isn't growing"

Ugh. I've tried everything. Why don't they subscribe?

"I don't think I'm getting the right people to sign up."

I’m building a list but they aren't my target audience.

If yes...this exclusive email training is for you.

Introducing Email Quick Start

What to Expect from this Course

In this exclusive training, I will teach you three secrets to help you grow your email subscriber list FAST.

After completing my course, you will learn:

  • SECRET #1: Your number one tool for building your list
  • SECRET #2: The proven method for rapid list growth
  • SECRET #3: How to set it all up in minutes

I Love Helping You GROW Your Email.

Hi, I'm Matt Molen and as Chief Marketing Officer for one of the fastest growing companies in the US, I quickly learned the power that email has for small businesses, bloggers, influencers, and content creators.

As a bootstrapped company with virtually no marketing budget, we grew our company quickly...through the power of email. I know how powerful a LARGE email subscriber list can be.

I have helped many businesses to quick grow their email list with the secrets I share in this course.

Ready to learn Matt's system?

At Email List Growth Strategy That Works!

Struggling to grow your email list?

What to Send

Wonder what to send? My suggestions help you create SUPERFANS as you grow your list.

How to Set It Up

This system is easier than you think. I'll show you each step.

Strategy Puts You in Control

Finally...supercharge your newsletter growth for good!


Course Content

  • Video Training
  • In-Depth Modules
  • Swipe Files
  • Resource Library
  • Templates

EXCLUSIVE VIP MEMBERSHIP Email Quick Start Private Facebook Group

Each Email Quick Start participant receives VIP access to an private Facebook group where you can:

  • Share ideas & ask questions
  • Watch Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Receive feedback & individual help
  • Get bonus course content
  • Meet others like you
  • Enjoy encouragement & cheerleading

Follow my proven steps to GROW your email list FAST

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I'll Make It Easy

The technical stuff isn't scary any more!

Step by Step Guides

Simple videos that walk you through the technical stuff

Proven Techniques

Learn the tricks I use personally & in my coaching business

Cheat Sheets & Tools

Download PDFs & printables to refer to whenever you need

Direct Access to Matt

I'll answer your questions...yes, it's really me

Frequently Asked Questions

I will show you how to set up simple systems to grow your list. Step-by-step. Super easy.
You bet! Work at your pace. The course starts now and ends when you're done. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
You could be getting new subscribers the same day you sign up for this course! Following the Email Quick Start steps makes it simple and fast. You can easily have everything set up and running in a matter of hours.
Yes. Today's email platforms have great functionality. During the course, I'll give you the strategy to employ using any ESP. I will also give a recommendation for my favorite platform and even show you how to set it all up with that software.
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

How it Works

Videos & Tutorials

Step-by-step training videos

Community & Ideas

Interact with others to ask questions, give support, and share what works.

Coaching & Answers

Via Facebook & email, I will personally answer all your questions.


Brittany Bailey headshot

"Thrilled with 600 new subscribers in 2 weeks"

My list was previously stagnant (more accurately losing subscribers), but after implementing the lessons I learned in Email Quick Start, I've already gained 600 subscribers in only 2 weeks and my click-through rates are greatly improved.Brittany Bailey, Pretty Handy Girl

Melissa Riker headshot

"One of the best courses I've ever taken!"

This completely changed the way I approached my list. Not only did I drastically increase my subscribers but my open rates and engagement skyrocketed! Best of all, I actually make money off my list now!Melissa Riker, The Happier Homemaker

Carolyn Ketchum headshot

"Added over 10,000 new subscribers in 3 weeks"

This course is invaluable! All the things I never thought of, brought into sharp focus and made realistic.

And done in a fun, easy, and understandable format. My newsletter list has gained over 10,000 new followers in 3 short weeks.Carolyn Ketchum, All Day I Dream About Food

Michelle headshot

"So simple, but so powerful!"

This course transformed the way I look at growing my email list. It gave me focused and targeted assignments to work on, and they worked! I love how fast my list is growing now...faster than ever... and I'm finding my perfect readers, the ones I'm really able to serve.MIchelle Lettrich, Brown Eyed Baker

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