MailerLite Pricing (2023) – Is It a Good Value for Your Money?

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MailerLite is a promising email marketing tool that helps freelancers, bloggers, and marketers to expand their business and engagement without costing too much.

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MailerLite’s pricing has some mention-worthy value for plans that cater to the needs of all types of users.

When you compare it with other email marketing platforms, you are likely to find that MailerLite’s pricing plans are easy on the pocket while providing substantial features in that price. 

As of today, MailerLite boasts more than 900,000 customers.

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In this MailerLite pricing review, I will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding MailerLite’s pricing. 

The top questions, obviously, are “Is MailerLite free?” and “How much does MailerLite cost?”

However, before diving into the details, let me first describe what MailerLite is and how it works. 

What’s In This Guide?

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is an email marketing software that provides the main email marketing features required by small businesses, including email campaigns, automation workflows, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys.

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Moreover, MailerLite does have detailed analytics to get better insights into your email campaigns. Click maps, open by locations, and even Shopify and WooCommerce sales tracking are some of these insightful analytics. 

MailerLite paid plans also include many additional features such as:

  • Drag-and-drop builder for emails and newsletters. Thus, you can easily customize your email newsletters up to your requirements
  • The users can use different segments from available templates to produce a custom newsletter for their audience. 
  • There is HTML text editor as well. Hence, you can easily author your emails.

For a full rundown of MailerLite’s features, read my detailed MailerLite Guide to decide if MailerLite is right for you.

MailerLite Pricing: A Detailed Overview

MailerLite has two subscription plans: a free plan and a premium plan. 

The free subscription is available for people with up to 1000 subscribers with a limitation to send 12000 emails per month. 

The premium MailerLite plans are available without any limit of emails and offers full access to all features.

MailerLite is a strong value as the full-featured premium plan starts at just $10 per month.

For people with 1000 subscribers the paid plan costs only $10. For a greater number of subscribers, you can pay as you go. 

For example, for up to 2500 subscribers the premium MailerLite plan costs $15, which raises to $30 for 5000 subscribers and so on. 

You can check out the payment plans below.

SubscribersEmails/monthCost/month (yearly)
Up to 100012000Free
Up to 1000Unlimited$10
1,001- 2500Unlimited$15
2,501- 5000Unlimited$30
5,001- 10,000Unlimited$50
10,001- 15,000Unlimited$75
15,001- 20,000Unlimited$100
20,001- 25,000Unlimited$120
24,001- 30,000Unlimited$140
30,001- 35,000Unlimited$165
35,001- 40,000Unlimited$180
40,001- 45,000Unlimited$195
45,001- 50,000Unlimited$210
50,001- 60,000720,000$260
60,001- 70,000840,000$285
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If you have an even higher number of subscribers, you can contact the MailerLite team, and they will provide you with a custom MailerLite Pricing.

MailerLite Free vs. Paid Comparison

Now that you have an overview of MailerLite pricing, let’s go over the differences between the free and the paid plans. 

1. Customer Support

Both of the MailerLite pricing plans offer knowledge-based customer support, video tutorials, and 24/7 Email support. The role of customer support is to make sure that your campaigns run smoothly and that any issue that arises is addressed promptly.

However, you do not receive a 24/7 live chat support with the free pricing plan. Thus, you have to rely on email support.

Whereas, the premium pricing plan provides additional customer support features such as a 24/7 support chat. 

In my personal experience of using MailerLite, the support team has been extremely responsive, courteous and quick to resolve issues.

Premium MailerLite pricing subscribers also receive an option for MailerPro, where they receive priority support at an additional $100 per Month.

MailerPro is an add-on feature provided by MailerLite to its paid pricing plan which makes you a ‘priority user’ of MailerLite. Therefore, you get to skip the support queue and receive priority support with email or live chat 24/7.

Additionally, you get a dedicated MailerLite manager to help in importing subscribers, creating email campaigns, analyzing metrics and making sure that your website is compliant with GDPR.

2. Email Campaigns

Both of the MailerLite pricing plans provide substantial features to improve your Email campaign’s look & performance. You get the built-in drag-and-drop editor and the rich text editor to customize your email’s fonts and components according to your requirements.

Furthermore, in both of the pricing plans, you get access to a photo editor and file manager to edit and store your data easily. 

You can also create mobile-friendly newsletters so that your readers can read your emails easily on their mobile phones.

However, with the free MailerLite pricing plan, your emails have a MailerLite branding at the end, which cannot be removed. Moreover, you do not get the custom HTML editor, with which you could have created custom templates by HTML coding.

Additionally, you do not get the newsletter templates with the free plan. Therefore, you have to put in more effort working with the free pricing plan.

Source: MailerLite

3. Growing Subscribers

Email marketing done well has the potential to fuel unprecedented growth for your business. Growing your subscribers list will go a long way in building your brand and monetizing it.

As the marketing tactics keep on evolving, new methods to collect leads have been added. Landing pages, pop-ups, and subscriber forms are all front-end options that help you collect leads.

Both of the pricing plans provide the option to create landing pages, popups and embedded signup form. This boosts your service and product sales as well as encourages more people to sign up. Thus, it expands your recipient list.

In addition to all of these features, premium MailerLite pricing plan gives you an option to create a custom domain for your landing pages.

Having a custom domain instead of a subdomain on the MailerLite branded domain shows professionalism and attracts more people 

4. Delivery Options

Both the MailerLite pricing plans offer similar delivery features. With both plans, you get access to email automation, advanced segmentation, and interest group tagging. 

In my detailed MailerLite Guide, I have explained how these features can impact your customer engagement positively.

With all of the aforementioned delivery options, the emailing procedure is automated for you. 

Moreover, you can create personalized emails for your premium clients with an advanced segmentation feature as well.

However, paid MailerLite pricing plans give you some additional features, the best of which is email auto-sending to those recipients who didn’t open the email first time. 

Moreover, with the deliver by time zone feature, you can send the emails to your recipients all over the world in their active hours.

Additionally, you also get access to a dedicated IP address at an additional $50 per month.
Source: MailerLite

5. Track Results

Both of the MailerLite pricing plans provide essential email tracking features such as Email campaign reports and analytics. 

These features help you understand the recipient’s response to your email campaigns. Thus, you can improve your campaigns and communication accordingly.

The paid MailerLite pricing plan, however, equips you with two additional features. Click maps and opens by location.

Through these features, you get a better insight into the performance of your email campaign by location. Hence, you can modify your services for people with a better response.

6. Landing Pages & Websites

MailerLite also allows you to build landing pages for your offerings. Usually, you would need to go for either a standalone landing page builder tool or would need to pay a page creator for your WordPress site (for e.g. Elementor).

But here’s what makes MailerLite different. Not only does MailerLite have a landing page builder but they also allow you to develop entire websites from within their platform.

The MailerLite features include a free website up to 5 landing pages. However, for unlimited landing pages, you need to pay $10 per month irrespective of the pricing plan.

Furthermore, you get more than 25 different templates, a free SSL certificate, GDPR compliance as well as pop-ups integration. All of these features make it engaging and safe for you and your clients to use.

The premium MailerLite pricing plan has some additional features. They provide you with the option to create a customizable favicon to give your website a personal touch. In addition to this, you get A/B split testing option, so you can choose a better performing landing page. 

MailerLite Pricing: FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding MailerLite pricing.

Q. Is MailerLite free?

Yes, MailerLite is free to people with up to 1000 subscribers only. It has a free pricing plan as well as a paid pricing plan. The paid plans have some additional features than the free plan as discussed in the article above.

Q. How much does MailerLite cost?

MailerLite has a free pricing plan for people with up to 1000 subscribers. MailerLite’s premium pricing plan includes 1000 subscribers and full feature set for $10 per month. This rises to $15 per month for 2500 subscribers, $30 per month for 5000, and $50 per month for 10,000 subscribers and so on.

Q. What are subscribers?

Anyone who is receiving your email is a subscriber of yours. Inside MailerLite a subscriber would be defined with at least a Name and Email ID. You can also add other details about the subscriber, however, the two mentioned above are mandatory.

Q. How to import subscribers in MailerLite?

You can import your existing list of email subscribers to MailerLite from another email marketing platform in one of three file types: CSV, TXT and Excel files.

MailerLite Pricing: Conclusion

If you are a smaller business, entrepreneur or blogger who is just starting out in their journey, this tool has the potential to be your best marketing friend. 

MailerLite is an email marketing platform that equips you with all of the necessary tools for a successful email campaign. MailerLite’s pricing is also affordable.

For a smaller number of subscribers, the email marketing software are becoming extremely competitive. However, MailerLite is one of the best email marketing software that provides the best value for your money. 

MailerLite has two pricing plans: a free one and the paid. 

The prices of the paid pricing plan vary with the subscribers count. If you need an exact price based on your subscriber list size, I recommend you visit MailerLite’s website and check it with their price tiers.