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My name is Matt Molen & I'll teach you three secrets to help you grow your email subscriber list FAST.

After completing my Email Quick Start course, you will learn:

  • SECRET #1: Your number one tool for building your list
  • SECRET #2: The proven method for rapid list growth
  • SECRET #3: How to set it all up in minutes

Matt Molen, Email Crush

What is Your Email Problem?

"I have no idea where to start"

Email seems important. I don't know what to do!

"I don't know how to make money with email"

I'm building a list but not sure how to monetize.

"I don't have time to make NEW content just for email"

More exclusive content? That's overwhelming!

Who is Matt Molen?

Courses, Consulting & Speaking

My name is Matt Molen and I love helping you WIN at email.

I have taught hundreds of small businesses, content creators, influencers, and bloggers how to completely transform their businesses through email marketing.

Matt Molen, Email Marketing Expert




Get Your List Growing

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This step-by-step course will reveal three secrets to grow your email subscriber list FAST.

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The Complete System

Email on Autopilot Course by Matt Molen

My signature course will show you how to do a complete "email makeover", turning email into your most powerful marketing tool.

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Success Stories

Meet Kristyn

"I doubled my email list in less than 6 weeks!"

Matt helped me figure out my target audience, implement an actual game plan for growing subscribers, taught me how to write more appealing emails, showed me how to embed forms, and overall taught me great strategies for growing my email list.Kristyn, Lil Luna

Meet Janssen

"This changed my entire business!"

In the past four months, my overall traffic has increased by 83%, and I've more than doubled my email subscribers! I feel like I now control my newsletter and that it's a tool that I can use as I want without being at the whim of a platform algorithm.Janssen, Everyday Reading

Meet Katie

"No fluff, just actionable tips that work quickly."

The results have blown me away. Within the first week of launching, I gained 1000 new subscribers for one segment. In addition to this, I launched the course to that segment, and have made around $1000 from it in just a few days.Katie, Clarks Condensed

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