Brevo Pricing 2023 – Money Well Spent?


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Considering Sendinblue (now Brevo), but wondering about the price?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly email marketing tool that has all the features you need to make your email marketing journey easier, specifically an automating email marketing tool, Brevo could be the solution.

From features to pricing, everything is covered for you in this article.

Brevo is an all in one email marketing tool specially designed for small and medium businesses. It comes with an exceptional feature set having all the essential tools like marketing automation, landing pages, CRM, Facebook ads, etc., at a very affordable range.

Brevo pricing is extremely competitive when compared with the likes of Mailchimp and other such tools that are considered budget friendly.

Brevo has recently acquired a reputation for being one of the best budget-friendly email platforms.

What makesBrevo standout are additional features like SMS marketing and social media advertisement that are not included in many other platforms. Additionally, the tool is provided in multiple languages.

Brevo allows you to segment your customers and schedule when specific segmented messages should be sent. You can make customized subscription forms to encourage more customers to sign up on your website and receive your marketing emails.

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Brevo Pricing

First, let’s tackle the most common question…

Is Brevo free?

It comes with a free package that allows you to send almost 300 emails per day and 9000 emails per month to an unlimited number of contacts.

Now it is a usual that email providers increase prices considerably after offering cheap starting packages; however, this is not as overwhelming with Brevo as it may be with others.

Brevo first plan is the Lite plan starting at $25 per month.
The next step up is the Premium plan starting at $65 per month.
Enterprise level plans are also available for businesses with customized needs.

Sendinblue Pricing Table
Source: Sendinblue

However, the features offered are different for all three packages:

Unlimited contactsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Emails300 per dayUp to 100,000 per monthUp to 1 Million per month
Landing PagesNot AvailableNot AvailableUp to 10 Available
Logo removalNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Marketing AutomationAvailableAvailableAvailable
Maximum Number of Contacts20002000Unlimited
Web TrackingAvailableAvailableAvailable
Location reportingNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Device reportingNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Email & Phone SupportFirst 60 daysFirst 60 daysAvailable throughout

With an extra cost, bonus features like SMS credits, IP Plans, and removal of the Brevo logo can be added to the package.

For the Lite and Premium packages, the prices increase with the increasing number of emails sent per month.

The number of emails and the prices is given below.

$25 for 10,000 emails$65 for 20,000 emails
$54 for 40,000 emails$124 for 100,000 emails
$69 for 60,000 emails$379 for 500,000 emails
$99 for 100,000 emails$599 for 1 Million emails

Brevo vs. Mailchimp

When looking at a price comparison between Brevo and Mailchimp, Brevo stands out as a solid option.

Brevo is almost five times cheaper than Mailchimp for sending emails.

The table below compares the bulk email prices of Brevo vs. Mailchimp.

For Mailchimp, you will have to pay more for more contacts.

Number of ContactsBrevo PricingMailchimp Pricing
Less than 2000 contactsFreeFree
2,500-4,999 contacts$25 per month$30.99 per month
5,000-9,999 contacts$25 per month$52.99 per month
10,000-19,999 contacts$25 per month$78.99 per month
20,000-49,999 contacts$39 per month$170 per month
50,000-74,999 contacts$69 per month$270 per month
75,000-99,999 contacts$99 per month$430 per month
100,000+ contacts$99 per month$540 per month

Comparing Free Plans

Also, one thing similar and most positive about both these email marketing tools is the fact that both come with a free plan. However, comparatively, Mailchimp has fewer features in the free plan as compared to Brevo.

CRMFor Unlimited ContactsFor 2k contacts only
Email Limits9k per month10k per month
Contact StorageUnlimited2k
Live ChatAvailableNot Available
Transactional EmailsAvailableNot Available
Email Templates60+ AvailableOnly 5 Available
HTML editorAvailableNot Available
Transaction EmailsAvailableAdds payment

Customer support is available 24/7 for both tools. The support team of Brevo is available through emails and phone, and there are a number of articles published online in different languages for the customers to get help.

For Mailchimp, there is an availability of live and email chat support that come with the paid monthly plan. The users opting for the premium plan get to have the availability of phone support too.

Brevo Features

Brevo offers valuable features, and you can see a full breakdown here.

Here are a few highlights:

  1. Allows communication with customers through SMS marketing.
  2. Provides the option of sleek email messages that can be designed in no such time.
  3. Availability to Chat with customers anytime you need.
  4. Manage your relationship with customers through CRM.
  5. Sending messages to your targeted audience through segmentation.
  6. Allows stepping up the engagement, design, and deliverability of the transaction emails.
  7. Provides detailed reporting and statistics of your email campaign performance.
  8. Machine-learning algorithms send emails at the perfect time with just one click.
  9. It also allows testing two ideas in the emails to be sent and let the data choose the best one.

Conclusion: Brevo Pricing

On the whole, Brevo is a progressive tool for small businesses serious about email marketing.

The menu navigation is easy to use and the reviews show that the experience is good for its users. Brevo comes with a drag and drop email editor option that is not only easy but also very smooth and fast.

It has cleverly optimized the options for small and medium businesses by providing great features like segmentation, email automation, etc., while keeping costs low.

Brevo pricing starts with a free package and then move up into two packages named Lite and Premium.

Try Brevo for Free

Paid plans start at $25 for up to 10k emails, making it one of the cheapest email marketing tools out there.

I hope you’ve found this guide to Brevo pricing helpful.

If you’re ready to try Brevo without any up-front investment, you can sign up for Brevo / Sendinblue’s free plan here.

Source: Brevo / Sendinblue